Irrigation Department

Consulting, Design of different modern irrigation systems, Supply of pipes, fittings and related equipment, Implementation of various irrigation systems (low pressure, liner, drip, rainwater, etc.)

     As the statistics show, agriculture is the largest consumer of water in the country. In some statistics, water use in agriculture accounts for up to 95% of the country's water consumption, and because the unreliable use of water has been the cause of serious drought and water crisis in the semi-arid region of Iran for years, the importance of distribution The optimal and regular use of water at the farm level is increasingly felt.
     Changing traditional irrigation methods (waterlogging) to scientific methods of surface irrigation such as strip, crop, leakage and furrow can improve water use efficiency in the agricultural sector by about 20 to 30 percent, but the country has suffered from drought for many years. Farmers wanted not only to shift the system from drowning and traditional ones to scientific methods. With the support of the government, so far about 30% of farms in Fars province and about 20% of farms in the country have been equipped with modern irrigation systems including drip, tape, rainwater and etc. Water usage in these farms has improved by about 65 to 85 percent.

     Modern Irrigation Department of Fars Agricultural Technology and Commercial Holding (FACHCO) With experienced staff in designing and implementing high pressure irrigation systems and other modern irrigation systems with production of PE pipes and fittings, design Modern irrigation and water transmission lines based on area conditions and meteorological information as well as implementation of rainwater systems such as classical, moving, central pivot, Linier and etc; drip systems, such as dripper, bubbler, mini bubbler and systems Low pressure has been an effective step in water productivity and improvement of water industry in the country.
     Experts of Irrigation Department of Fars Agricultural and Commercial Technology Holding are proud to design and provide over 67,000 hectares of land in the province for the implementation of modern irrigation systems, as well as about 6,500 hectares of The province is equipped with various irrigation systems.
     The technical and administrative staff of this department, using the knowledge and technology, has enabled the implementation of modern irrigation systems in farms from mapping to exploitation in the shortest possible time for farmers and landowners. The process starts with collecting meteorological data, checking soil quality and farm water, topographic maps, and then proceeding with selecting the most efficient and best irrigation system, designing and setting up a computational booklet, and finally implementing the design map on the ground and The implementation of the desired system ends with the use of the highest quality equipment available and the testing and commissioning of the system and its delivery to the client.
     Other services offered in this section are to assist farmers in the proper and efficient use of irrigation systems in farms and gardens, supported by annual and long-term support, field tests and water infiltration measurements and surveys. And analyzing the data and results and related scientific suggestions or results to improve utilization is the result of reducing the use of pesticides and other chemicals, which not only helps to improve the health of crops but also reduces costs. General methods and analyzes of plant nutrition have increased crop yields per unit area.

     For more information, projects, photos, publications, articles, as well as a more complete introduction to the systems, you can refer to other sections of the site. The Holding also invites experienced professionals in the field to enhance their knowledge.

Irrigation Department

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