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Fars Agri-tech Commerce Holding Co (FACHCO)

Fars Agricultural Technology and Commerce Holding is made up of a number of companies with a long history of organizational value, having experienced engineers and technical in-field knowledge and practical experience gained over many years of practice and experience. In the meantime, the integration of the members, knowledge and experience and with the modernization of technology in the world, it has fulfilled its organizational purpose and its duty towards human society.
Most of the experts and associate engineers in this holding have started their professional career since the 90's and have gained valuable experience with their presence in various companies and in various positions. Holding's Trend was to educate the young and professional workers and managers, and has formed the current Holding team with the help of skilled and active young people along with experienced people. Main divisions of the company are as bellow:

*Behnam Shiraz Production Factory:
Established in 2000, the area of its activity is, production of polyethylene pipes and fittings for agricultural use and polypropylene for construction purposes, it has obtained a license of development and operation from the ministry of industry and obtained the standard Iranian certificate.

*Negin Qatareh Fars Consulting Engineers Company
Founded in 2004, the company is active in mapping, consulting, designing and monitoring of modern irrigation systems, drainage, ditches and diversions, canals and etc.

* Mahdab Qatreh Company
Founded in 2005, its main activities are, contracting modern irrigation systems at farms and orchards, construction of inter-farm roads, plantation of gardens, construction of concrete open drainage canals, etc.

* Absan Iranian Pars Company
Founded in 2009, its main activity is designing, consulting and supervising the construction of industrial greenhouses and mushroom farms.

* Arshia Sazan Khak va Pay Company.
It started its activity in 2013 by construction of industrial greenhouses and in the year of its establishment, received its official license for the construction and engineering of industrial greenhouses and mechanized mushroom production farms from Fars Province Engineering and Natural Resources Organization. And it is one of the members of the greenhouse contractors NGO of agricultural ministry of Iran.

* Abtin Qatreh Company
Founded in 2014, the company is active in the construction of public parks, green spaces of buildings, drilling by micro tunneling and construction of concrete ponds.

The following sections have been added to the holding company after its registration:

* Research and Development Department
The task of this section is to obtain recent scientific articles, visit domestic and foreign exhibitions and summits to localize the latest technology in the world for use in other holding departments. In addition, disseminate the Holding experiences as articles and guidelines to be used by other scientific and industrial organizations.

* Department of Automation
One of the achievements of the R&D department is the implementation of smart systems in farms and orchards as well in greenhouses, poultry farms, turkey farms and etc. The result was reduction of labor and increasing of precision and time efficiency.

* Department of Commerce and Sales
Since each holding companies cooperated with the manufacturing companies before integrating and forming the holding company, they were represented and sometimes operated as exclusive agents in the province or in the south of the country, for better access to employers, and optimal use and cooperation, More and closer to other manufacturers in the country and abroad; all business activities of member companies are supervised by this department
* Customer Service Department
Due to the spreading of holding activities and the need for more time efficient costumer services, Holding has launched customer service department. The department will provide technical advice to answer questions and problems of clients and will refer them to relevant holding experts and will make the necessary follow-up to resolve their confusion or problem.

About us

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